ALG Defense EMR V2 M-Lok rails incoming


The new ALG Defense EMR V2, all dressed and ready to go. (Photo: ALG)

ALG Defense, sister company to Geissele Automatics, is rolling out their updated V2 Ergonomic Modular Rail handguards for AR-15 rifles. These handguards are M-Lok-ready like the V1 rails but with a few small changes that may have held some buyers back.

Ergonomic Modular Rails, or EMR handguards, are lightweight extruded rails with M-Lock cutouts everywhere for accessory mounts and even more weight reduction. These V2 rails have an updated 12-o’clock mini-rail at the end for a front iron sight and a small rise at the rear that’s swept to meet the front of the upper receiver.

Like the previous EMR handguards they are completely free-floating, the main change is the small fixed rail up front. The rail section is designed for a front sight but plenty long enough to host a front sight and a weapon light mount as well.


Rail specifications. (Photo: ALG)

They’re a tubular design with lots of clearance for a suppressor for shooters with tax stamps and have an inner diameter of just over 1.4 inches, plenty of room even for bigger cans. The outer diameter is still fairly slim at a bit over 1.7 inches without Picatinny rails to worry about.

Because M-Lock cutouts take up less space than Picatinny rails, these handguards can host accessories at any of the 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 o’clock positions and even at 12-o’clock behind the sight rail. The V2 rails don’t come with any Picatinny adapters and don’t need to with the integrated front rail for sights.

ALG is launching with 13- and 15-inch handguards and will follow these up with 10- and 12-inch handguards. Owing to their light and tough 6061-T6 aluminum construction, these handguards weigh less than a pound at 9.3 and 10.6 ounces each, making them some of the lightest rails in their class. The mounting hardware only adds another 2.4 ounces and every EMR handguard ships with a free barrel wrench for use with their proprietary barrel nut.

The barrel nuts are longer than most at 2 inches giving the handguards plenty to hang on to and held in place by six screws which are simple to install and uninstall, giving the user easy access to the barrel and gas system if necessary. The barrel nut is 7075-T6 aluminum.

Additionally each rail has a pair of quick detach sling points just in front of the barrel nut to give uses some simple sling options and the rails’ surface is ridged for texture and increased surface area which helps to radiate heat and keep things cool under rapid strings of fire.


EMR V2 rails are currently available in black, with desert dirt, grey and purple to follow. (Photo: ALG)

The one thing that has consistently set ALG’s EMR handguards apart from the competition, though, has always been its price, and that’s still true with the new V2 handguards. Priced at only $145 these EMR rails are exceptionally competitive, a very attractive sticker compared to many of the M-Lok rails out there.

ALG Defense is a new name with a strong pedigree and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

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