RAW: Body cam shows Dallas cops shooting mentally-ill man (VIDEO)

WARNING: the following video is graphic in nature and shows Jason Harrison being shot and laying bloodied on the ground. 

The family of a mentally-ill man shot by Dallas Police officers when he walked to his front door carrying a screwdriver last year released video Monday of the deadly incident.

Jason Harrison, 38, can be seen in the police body-camera video walking to the front door after his mother opens it for the officers and walks outside past them. She called police asking for help with Harrison, who suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Family members told reporters from local news station WFAA the’ve had to call the police on Harrison before.

Harrison then came to the door fiddling with a screwdriver. Dallas PD said the officers then yelled for him to drop the tool and when he lunged at them with it, officers shot him, WFAA reported.

“When you’re dealing with somebody that’s mentally ill, you’re not supposed to agitate, you’re not supposed to move fast, you’re not supposed to inflame,” said Geoff Henley, the Harrison family attorney who has been retained in the wrongful death lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department.

The video shows officers carrying tasers, but the non-lethal weapons were never mentioned or used, WFAA reported.

“They didn’t acknowledge him, they just acknowledged the screwdriver,” said David Harrison, the victim’s brother. “Immediately after [my mother] got out of the way … it went from zero to a hundred.”

The Dallas Police Department said the two officers who fired were justified in the shooting and they remain on active duty, WFAA reported.

Update 2 p.m. CST March 18:

Attorneys for the Harrison family released the full 18-minute police body-cam video to Guns.com.

“The police do have the right to use force, to protect themselves and the public, but that right is constrained by the 4th amendment,” attorney R. Lane Addison told Guns.com. “Mental illness seriously complicates the issue.”

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