Glock 43 leaked: single-stack 9mm for concealed-carry

glock 43 cover

Leaked photos of the single-stack 9mm, the Glock 43. (Photo: The Firearm Blog)

With just a few days left before Glock makes any official announcements, several reviewers have published their first impressions of the next Glock pistol: the Glock 43, a single-stack 9mm for backup and concealed-carry.

The Glock 43 is an all-new gun, not directly based on any other pistols in Glock’s catalog. It looks like a slightly scaled-up Glock 42, the single-stack .380 ACP launched last year.

Glock 43

Official specs of the Glock 43. (Photo: The Firearm Blog)

Detailed specifications have been released including the pistol’s dimensions. It measures 6.2-inches long, 4.25 inches tall and just 1-inch wide, weighing only 18 ounces with an empty magazine. Size-wise the 43 fits in between the 42 and the subcompact 26. The new 9mm has a capacity of 6+1 rounds, the same as the .380.

The market for single-stack 9mm handguns is pretty crowded as more and more people choose to carry concealed firearms, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the 43. This is the gun people have been asking for for years.

This gun will appeal to anyone who carries a Glock 19 or Glock 26 that is looking for something smaller, lighter and easier to conceal in light clothes. On top of that, the 43 is a perfect upgrade for Glock 42 owners looking for a similar pistol chambered for a more powerful cartridge. And ultimately, there are millions of law enforcement officers around the world who will want the 43 as a backup to their duty pistol and for concealed-carry off duty.

A single-stack 9mm Glock is going to be a real contender without a doubt. For many gun owners and gun sellers, the 43 will be the de-facto answer to the question, “What gun should I get for concealed-carry?”

Several outlets have also released pricing info. The Glock 43 is expected to retail at $589, which is in line with their other service pistols. Real-world prices could be considerably less, although with the amount of demand that exists for these guns, it wouldn’t be surprising if they run high for a while.

Despite all these leaks, we still look forward to the official Glock announcement. There’s always more to the story and we can’t wait to find out more.

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