Utah governor gets hundreds of letters on firing-squad bill

Utah’s governor has received hundreds of letters about a state bill that would allow officials to allow executions by firing squad if lethal injection drugs are unavailable, the Associated Press reported.

The letters have been coming in from all over the country to urge Gov. Gary Herbert to either sign or veto the measure. Herbert said he’s leaning toward signing it though because the state needs a fallback method.

The governor’s office told the AP on Friday that he wants as much information as he can get before making a decision on April 1.

But Herbert also recognizes that people who write are passionate about the issue but may not represent the full picture of public opinion.

State lawmakers passed the Death Penalty Procedure Amendments on March 10 and sent it to the governor’s office two days later.

Upon arrival, the governor’s office maintained its current message that it is on the fence about signing the measure.

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