Weatherby issue recall for model that can accidentally discharge

Weatherby SA-08

The Weatherby SA-08 semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 28 gauge. (Photo: Weatherby)

Gun maker Weatherby, Inc. issued a safety recall on March 21 that covers a limited number of Weatherby SA-08 model semi-automatic shotguns.

The company says some of the models, which hit stores on March 11, 2013, could accidentally discharge when the bolt closes during the chambering a live shot shell. Also, the company says it has identified the problem and will fix any model affected by the issue.

Owners are urged to stop using the gun immediately as it could result in an accidental discharge and severe injury.

The company says it will repair affected models at no charge. To determine whether or not your model SA-08 28-gauge shotgun is faulty, check out Weatherby’s website to search the serial number or call the company at t 1-800-227-2018, extension 6, or 1-805-227-2600.

Weatherby recalled a number of SA-08 model shotguns in the past due to similar issues. The company identified the trigger/firing assembly as the issue of concern.

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