NY man claims he was fired over unfortunate tattoo; Home Depot says not quite

26E5AACC00000578-0-New_York_Home_Depot_Employee_Kirk_Soccorso_said_he_was_fired_bec-a-40_1427046778505Kirk Soccorso had been working as a tool demonstrator at a New York Home Depot for about six months before he was told not to return to work, and he claims he’s been discriminated against over an “ISIS” tattoo on the inside of his lip.

Soccorso said he’s not a terrorist, has nothing to do with the terrorist organization and, in fact, didn’t even know what the acronym meant until just recently. However, he does admit that getting a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s name, Isis, on his lip seemed like a good idea at the time. That was four years ago, and they’re no longer a couple, but he’s still stuck with the tattoo.

Home Depot, although refusing to talk specifics due to privacy issues, said their decision wasn’t just based on the tattoo. In fact, Soccorso was actually employed by a marketing firm out of Florida but did his demonstrations in the home improvement superstore, and both places gave him the boot simultaneously.

Soccorso is now considering a lawsuit because he feels he’s been treated unfairly.

[News 12 Long Island]

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