Vet searches for Katrina victim in iconic photo (VIDEO)

Nearly 10 years ago, an airman who deployed to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and a young girl he saved became the subjects of an iconic photo, which captured a full range of emotions.

Maroney and the girl

Maroney and the girl

Although the moment is now a part of history, it’s still very much alive for then-Staff Sgt. Mike Maroney, who is now trying to reconnect because he wants a name to the face.

The girl, who is the age of Maroney’s two sons, waited with her mom, dad and four siblings for saving in a city consumed by water.

To Maroney, she represented everything the residents of this wrecked and waterlogged city would need in the coming months and years: Strength. Resiliency. Kindness.

When they arrived at the airport, the place where hundreds would be deposited before departing for Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis and beyond, the girl wrapped her arms around Maroney, pressed her cheek against his and smiled.

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