Armed citizen breaks up knife fight as onlookers fail to call police, record video instead (VIDEO)

A man driving through Salt Lake City last week decided to intervene when he witnessed a man armed with a knife taking a swing at another man who appeared to be unarmed.

Nick, a retired police officer who did not wish to provide his last name, said said he got the man to drop the knife and lie down on the ground, but then witnesses immediately tried to convince Nick to drop his own weapon. In the two minutes Nick waited for officers to arrive, the situation grew increasingly tense as the man begged not to be shot and witnesses continued to urge Nick to put down his gun.

Nick was concerned that the situation could have easily gotten out of control, but thankfully it didn’t. Nick believes his prior training and experience helped him to keep his cool during those stressful moments.

However, Nick said he was disappointed at the lack of action witnesses took.

“Nobody called 911, nobody reported it, they are all worried about getting video so they could be famous or whatever they are,” he said.

It’s unknown if anybody became famous from the videos, but authorities later straightened out the mess. It turned out, the man with the knife had confronted the other man over a stolen bicycle, but in the end no charges were sought.


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