84-year-old vet who had wheelchair stolen gets big surprise (VIDEO)

Roy Feragen is an 84-year-old U.S. Navy veteran whose main mode of transportation, a motorized wheelchair, was stolen while he shopped inside a Savers store in Taylorsville, Utah, last week. Although Feragen can walk, he doesn’t have the strength or the steadiness to get very far on his own, and he feared that he would be home-bound without his wheelchair.

But local law enforcement weren’t about to leave Feragen high and dry. Officer Mike Wersland was working to find a replacement when the website Overstock.com stepped in and donated a brand new $1,800 motorized chair to Feragen, who said, “These things make you move around like you can do something.”

Overstock.com’s Senior Vice President of Customer Care, Brian Popelka said they were happy to help out.

“To have a veteran and knowing that this is going to be getting his life back to normal,” Popelka said. “I think everybody up there was shedding a tear and very proud.”

Feragen called the gesture “beautiful” and Wersland said he was “overwhelmed at the willingness people have to step up and make a bad situation better.”

[Good 4 Utah]

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