Gun of agent who helped take down Al Capone to be displayed at mobster museum

5818870After decades of being tucked away in attics, closets, and a safe deposit box, a Smith & Wesson .38 Special once owned by former IRS agent Michael Malone will make it’s way to The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it will become part of an exhibit scheduled to open sometime next month.

“Michael Malone was, I believe, the greatest undercover agent in the history of law enforcement,” said Paul Camacho, a former head of IRS criminal investigations and an unofficial agency historian. “This was the riskiest assignment you could ever think of. People were dying left and right, witnesses were dying left and right. Nobody wanted to be with these guys.”

Malone worked undercover for almost three years, posing as a wiseguy from Philly who was among the likes of Al Capone’s gang. Malone’s work was instrumental in bringing the infamous mobster down, on tax charges nonetheless.

The firearm was found under Malone’s pillow after his death, and was in the possession of several family members for many years, until recently when Malone’s great-nephew, Marty Dolan, who really knew nothing of the man’s occupation growing up, realized the historical significance of the gun.

[The Journal-Gazette]

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