Vet outs panhandler allegedly posing in uniform (VIDEO)

Garrett Goodwin is an avid supporter of his fellow veterans and always willing to help out a vet in need, but when he went to offer help to what appeared to be a homeless vet begging for money in Florida’s Bay area, he realized something wasn’t quite right.

Goodwin said he noticed a Junior ROTC patch on the uniform, which first sparked his suspicions, and once he confronted the man, he tried to avoid Goodwin, walking away from him and apologetically shedding his clothing on the way as Goodwin demanded he take off the uniform.

The encounter, which was captured on video by Goodwin’s cousin, has quickly made its way around social media after it was posted online Sunday.

And while Goodwin said he has no definitive proof that the man was a poser, he’s willing to bet money on it.

“If it turns out he’s an honorably discharged veteran, I will personally give him $1,000 cash and personally spend the hours that it takes to get him into the VA system,” Goodwin said.

[10 News]

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