Biker suspected of killing corrupt bank exec foiled robbery (VIDEO)

Burbank police think a biker suspected of throwing a corrupt bank executive out of a window in 1991 and involved in more than half a dozen deaths thwarted an armed robbery at a convenience store days earlier.

Known by his red and black leather outfit, and motorcycle, the biker subdued two armed robbers with his bare hands and then confiscated their gun, according to police.

Police found a shell casing at the store from a pistol — a Desert Eagle — found at the Great Trust Bank headquarters where its chief executive officer, Chance Wilder, was killed.

“He came in for 10 bucks worth of gas,” said Suzie, the store clerk working during the incident. “I was surprised at how calm and collected he was as he approached the counter beside such a volatile drug addict with a gosh darn hand cannon.”

She said the man identified himself as Harley Davidson, but police think the name is an alias.

Surveillance video shows Davidson wrestle the pistol out of the gunman’s hands and then knock him unconscious, police said.

“He punched him square in the face really freakin’ hard,” said Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse. “And then he slammed (the suspect’s) head into the counter. Works every time.”

The biker then turned towards the other suspect, who was armed with a knife, and “after successfully dodging a throat slashing, he gut-punched him, threw a back-handed punch to his face, and then destroyed him with a knee to the forehead. Out cold,” LaChasse said.

But the scene at Great Trust Bank still has police baffled. Witnesses describe a helicopter machine gunning the top floor of the skyscraper before Wilder fell to his death. Shortly thereafter, Davidson and a scruffy cowboy were seen leaving the building on motorcycles.

While police are still piecing together the scene, they suspect Davidson is connected with an armor car robbery and a bloodbath that ensued at Rock N’Roll Bar & Grille. Police say four men were found shot to death at the bar.

Police think the cowboy is likely touring with a rodeo circuit, and that Davidson has gone nomad in the southwest. They’re both wanted dead or alive.

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