Microtech Small Arms says farewell

Sorry boys, not for sale, but most everything else from MSAR is. (Photo: Submachine Girls)

There are plenty of MSAR STG-556 rifles like beautiful Rowdy is holding for sale. (Photo: Submachine Girls)

The short lived Microtech Small Arms Research announced last month that it is closing its doors and selling off what’s left.

MSAR opened shop in 2005 in Pennsylvania, and is best known for a Steyr Aug clone called the MSAR STG-556, a rifle that premiered in 2007.

“Knowing that our focus and energy lately has been directed towards the expansion and evolution of our 20-year knife line, we no longer felt it sustainable for MSAR to remain an active entity in our holdings,” the company said in the brief announcement on March 20.

“We learned many years ago that our customers are our lifeline; we thank you for your tireless loyalty and support of the MSAR line,” the company continued. “You’ve given us the chance to explore the world of firearms on a new level, and for that, we’ll be forever grateful.”

Although the company did not go into great detail about closing, it did mention that it is not filing for bankruptcy or being liquidated. However, it is selling off inventory and tooling.

MSAR also said that repair services have been disabled with the release of the announcement. Rifles currently in the company’s possession will be repaired and returned to the owners.

MSAR is a subsidiary of the North Carolina-based Microtech Knives, which is not affected by the closing.

For more information on purchasing inventory or tooling, check out MSAR’s website.

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