Son shoots drunk father, who assaulted grandmother

A domestic dispute involving a family at a Trinity, North Carolina, home last week came to an abrupt end after a 21-year-old man shot his father while protecting his grandmother.

The incident occurred around 12:40 p.m. on March 26. Witnesses said the father had been under the influence of alcohol for several days when the dispute escalated into a physical altercation, local media reported.

The investigation indicated that Mitchell Grant Barr, 51, had been arguing with family members at the home before he assaulted his mother, and at that point, Barr’s adult son, Dylan, intervened. However, Mitchell then turned his attention towards Dylan, with who he began arguing. A subsequent fight broke out between the father and son, before Mitchell was instructed to leave the property.

Mitchell walked away from the house, but instead of leaving completely, he stood at the roadway and continued to issue threats. Dylan, concerned that his father would come back, went inside the house and retrieved a rifle, which appeared to only further infuriate Mitchell, who yelled something to the effect that he was prepared to die.

Mitchell then walked to a vehicle parked on the property and attempted to grab a rifle from his car. Dylan, fearing for the safety of himself and the others at the home, shot his father, striking him once in the knee.

When Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call about the incident, they found Mitchell, who was obviously intoxicated, on a nearby road suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital where he received medical treatment and is expected to recover.

It’s not known at this time if Mitchell has been charged for the assault, but the incident remains under investigation. Mitchell may also face charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Investigators from the sheriff’s department and the Randolph County District Attorney’s Office determined that no charges would be filed against Dylan, who acted in self-defense.

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