Homeowner catches burglary suspects by shooting out their truck tires (VIDEO)

Two suspects were caught after they attempted to steal an ATV and two dirt bikes from a West Salem, Ohio, home over the weekend. Their apprehension was aided by the homeowner, who was armed with a 12-gauge and either excellent sharp shooting skills or an insane amount of luck.

When Bert Leasure saw the suspects driving away with his ATV trailer hitched to their truck about 10:30 Sunday night, he grabbed his shotgun, got in his truck and followed them as he dialed 911 and informed authorities that he was in hot pursuit.

“I was behind them and they were trying to lose me on every country road they could,” said Leasure, who was relentless in catching the thieves.

The suspects eventually pulled over and even tried to unhitch the trailer, perhaps in an effort to make a faster getaway, but Leasure shot out the tires on their truck. The suspects tried to keep on trucking, but their efforts were in vain.

An officer just happened to be in the area, and quickly apprehended the suspects, 21-year-old Brandon Friedlein and 23-year-old Justin Adler, who now have charges pending.

[ABC 5]

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