Man strips down to undies while running from police (VIDEO)

A 45-minute pursuit of a man in Kansas City, Missouri, early Friday morning was anything but ordinary.

Police were originally responding to a call about loud music. When they arrived, they confronted a man in his vehicle, but when asked for his identification, the man drove away. Officers followed the man, who crashed into a guardrail nearby.

At that point, the man exited the vehicle and jumped into a creek that’s described by local reporters as “a nasty place.” While in the water, the man stripped down to his underwear and swam around in an attempt to elude authorities.

Eventually, officers got into the water with the man, who then began to threaten them with a log.

The man was eventually apprehended, but said he was suffering from a broken leg. He was transported to the hospital, and although it’s not known if he was, in fact, suffering from any broken bones, he was said to have sustained injuries from the car crash.

[Fox 4 KC]

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