Rapper DMX accused of early morning Easter robbery (VIDEO)

A 21-year-old man said he was robbed in the parking lot of an Exxon station in Newark, New Jersey, about early Sunday morning, and the culprit was none other than the rapper known as DMX.

The victim said the rapper and his entourage approached the young man around 12:30 a.m. and after a brief conversation about rap music, a male, presumably DMX’s bodygaurd, flashed a firearm and demanded the victim hand over his money.

The victim said the rapper snatched $3,200 in cash from him before the entourage took off in a line of black Cadillac Escalades.

But DMX’s lawyer, Murray Richman, said his client is innocent, the allegations are “unequivocally and utterly false,” and the gas station’s surveillance video would prove it.


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