Psych ward inmate uninjured after taking on more than a dozen guards (VIDEO)

When an inmate at the psychiatric ward of a Phoenix jail became agitated, he decided to take on several guards, then a couple more, and a few more, and the entire incident was captured on video.

The unnamed 18-year-old inmate, who had no prior incidents of violence before, became agitated when he was told to leave an area of the jail which he was not authorized to be in at that time. The inmate came out swinging at the guards knocking two unconscious even after being tazed several times.

As the inmate continued to act violently and lash out at the guards, the surveillance video shows additional officers rushing to the scene.

In the end, it took more than a dozen officers to subdue the inmate, who was uninjured during the ordeal. Three officers ended up with extensive injuries and were taken to the hospital. Two were knocked unconscious and one, who suffered from bleeding on the brain, will have to undergo reconstructive surgery for broken facial bones.

[Real News 365]

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