Houston cops shoot suspect on live TV (VIDEO)

After leading police on a high speed chase in Houston Wednesday morning, Frank Ernest Shephard III, was fatally shot, and some local reporters who were following the story inadvertently captured the shooting on live TV, although the coverage was quickly edited for subsequent broadcasts.

Officers originally initiated a traffic stop with Shephard for “suspicious activity,” but he refused to pull over.

“During the chase the suspect called 911 and was telling the dispatcher that he had a child in the car and that he would threaten to harm that child if officers attempted to pull him over or stop him,” said spokesperson for Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

Shephard eventually stopped after crashing into several cars. He can been seen reaching into the car before he is shot.

Police said there was never a child in the car, and Shephard, who reportedly had a troubled past, was alone the entire time.

[ABC 13]

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