Officers under fire after game of rock, paper, scissors (VIDEO)

At a recent charity event in Snook, Texas, known as Chilifest, officers who were working security detail are seemingly in trouble after what’s considered by some to be a not-so-innocent game of rock, paper, scissors.

The officers, who have not been named, noticed a girl who was apparently underage and intoxicated. The officers gave the girl an unusal opportunity to get out of a citation: They would play her a game of rock, paper, scissors and if they won, she would get the citation, but if she won, they would simply walk away.

The girl — much to her surprise — won the game, and the officers made good on their deal and walked away.

“I have seen the video and can only say that this is unacceptable and unprofessional conduct by these officers,” Burleson County Pct. 2 Constable Dennis Gaas said in a statement. “Officers are given the choice of giving a warning or issuing a citation for any violation they encounter during this event. Playing a game to see if a citation or warning is given does not fall under professional conduct. All officers were instructed during orientation to present a professional appearance and attitude.”

The officers involved will no longer be allowed to work security detail for such events and may face further disciplinary action.

[The Eagle]

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