Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer—just think about those words

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Just think about those words.

The idea is both laughable and incredibly bizarre. What does Schumer do that is senatorial, anyway? And what of that would qualify him as a leader?

Perhaps some obscure, neo-Leninist tenement dwellers in New York City might see something in him that qualifies him for the position. But I don’t.

Leading the fight to undo the Second Amendment — without actually amending the Constitution, as such a policy change requires —is not an act of leadership but of brazen deception.

Using the office of a senator to strip the law-abiding citizens of his state of their rights to defend themselves from violent thugs — is not senatorial.

In all of his years in the District of Columbia, has Chuck Schumer ever represented his constituents who live outside of the greater New York City area? Has he stood for the rights of hunters in Steuben County to put food on their families’ tables? Has he protected children in Brunswick, whose parents or grandparents want to pass on safe, defensive shooting skills — and the guns and ammo that self-defense requires?

Chuck Schumer has displayed such a consistently hostile attitude towards people like these — people for whom generations of Americans worked and struggled to give a better life — that Chuck Schumer fits the description of their persecutor more than their senator or leader.

Which leads to the question: how did such a man ever become not only a senator, but a candidate for the post of senate minority leader?

The answer must be traced to his electorate, and the institutions that influence them on a daily basis.

Why should we be surprised to see New Yorkers elect an anti-Constitutional demagogue when their schools indoctrinate children and parents alike to view the Constitution as an outdated relic, self-defense as barbaric, private property as fascist, and Western civilization — which gave rise to all three — as evil?

Voters who are trained to think thus from birth, through childhood, in the workplace, and at leisure, will elect men like Chuck Schumer.

His election to the post of senate minority leader is akin to a maggot crawling on the American body politic. The fundamental problem is not the maggot. Maggots are only the sign of a deeper problem — that our body politic is dead.

The institutions that structure our society are rotten to the core. Dead as a doornail.

Whether by recapturing the ones in existence, or forming new ones to rival them, Americans proud of their identity and values must unashamedly assert those to the Schumerite masses. We must smile at accusations of evildoing by those who themselves do evil. We must laugh in the face of shrill voices like Chuck Schumer’s, knowing that we, not they, have the moral high ground. We must tell the MTVs, NAACPs, and DNCs of the world that ours is the right vision for America’s future. And we must do that in full sight of the masses currently under their sway.

We must show the people that these political Goliaths can bleed.

Everyone loves a winner. We must make Chuck Schumer and his kind into losers.

Then, coupled with the morality and constitutionality of our cause, our opponents’ losses will lead to mass defections away from the enemy camp. Eventually, the Empire State could have better leaders than Chuck Schumer. Men like great New Yorkers of the past, including Alexander Hamilton and Theodore Roosevelt.

It’s a simple matter of backbone and persistence. Our enemies have shown that they have plenty of both during their decades-long, unyielding march across our institutions. Will we believe our enemies when they say that we are, therefore, forever doomed? Or will we hold fast to our divine vision and snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat?

Chuck Schumer may inevitably be our next senate minority leader. But the loss of our Second Amendment rights, and the defeat of the civilization that undergirds it, is not inevitable. We may bend, but no one can break us except ourselves. The first side to quit is the side that will lose.

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