Accu-Grip now offering adjustable grips for AK rifles

accu-grip ak-47

The Accu-Grip can be moved forwards and backwards in 0.10-inch increments. (Photo: Accu-Grip)

accu-grip ak-47 (2)

The AK-pattern Accu-Grip with the mounting hardware and included hex wrench. (Photo: Accu-Grip)

Accu-Grip is launching a patented, adjustable pistol grip for the time-tested AK pattern.

The Accu-Grip uses a two-piece design that lets users lock the grip base into the rifle and move an outer grip shell forwards and backwards to fine-tune the distance between the grip and the trigger in .10-inch increments.

Compared to many rifles popular stateside, AK rifles have comparably smaller grips with a short trigger reach. The Accu-Grip not only provides a Western-style pistol grip, the trigger reach can be set to suit individual shooter needs.

By adjusting the trigger reach to the individual, fining the right difference for the perfect trigger finger index is a non-issue. The standard trigger length of an AK-pattern rifle is just 2.375 inches, but with the Accu-Grip it can be extended out to a full 3.25 inches.

While the AR-15 is without a doubt the most customizable rifle on the market, in recent years companies have been expanding to accommodate the AK platform as well. The popular rifle may have its roots in Russia but it’s seen more than a little success here in the U.S, even with the competitive run-and-gun crowd and other shooting circles that are counting on performance and accuracy. The Accu-Grip will be a good fit there for sure.

A quality AK rifle is going to hold its own with a lot of ARs, especially with a few small tweaks like these. If you love your AK but are interested in tweaking its trigger reach than the Accu-Grip might be just the thing for you.

Right now the Accu-Grip is only available for more common stamped-receiver AKs. It comes with all the mounting hardware and tools needed to install on stamped AKs and has a suggested retail price of $39. For more info visit the Accu-Grip website.

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