Response to Michigan auto shop owner banning gays, giving discount to gun owners

This piece was published with the permission of Albert “Big Gay Al” Lowe, the coordinator for Michigan Pink Pistols, a gay gun rights group. Check out more of Lowe’s writings at his blog.

With regard to Brian Klawiter, owner of Dieseltec Automotive Repair in Grandville, Michigan, he’s certainly entitled to his opinions.  While I laud his decision to offer discounts to those of us who carry for self defense, I am at the same time, greatly disappointed that he would condemn someone for being Gay.

Contrary to what many believe, being Gay is not a choice.  Do you know anyone who would choose a lifestyle that could alienate them from their friends and family, as well as put themselves at risk of beatings and such by ignorant homophobes?  And now we have one more homophobe who’s going to deny service based on their perceived sexual orientation, and his Christian upbringing.  Honestly, doesn’t sound very Christian like to me.  I’ve always been told that Christians care about their fellow humans.  And there’s a line I’ve heard over and over again, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

Some think that by accepting Gays, they’re accepting the lifestyle. We’re not asking anyone to accept the Gay lifestyle.  It doesn’t need acceptance, it’s here, and that’s it.  We are simply asking that all people be treated equally.  Without regard for all the usual forms of identification, race, color, sex and so on, with the addition of sexual orientation.  Is that so much to ask?

Servicing a vehicle is not exactly the same as baking a Gay wedding cake.  If he was a baker, and that was his position, I’d have more understanding.  It’s not like anyone can ask him to put “Gay” motor oil in an engine.  Even that pizza place in Indiana said they would not turn away customers who were Gay.  They were asked a hypothetical question about catering a Gay wedding, and they said they wouldn’t.  I could understand that, it could be seen as endorsing Gay marriage.  Just like baking a cake could be seen that way.

But this, what Mr. Klawiter is doing,  makes no sense.  I personally think it’s just an attempt to grab headlines.  And maybe get some extra money along the way.  I don’t know how true it is, but I was told there had been a “gofundme” page put up for his business, but that it was later taken down.  If true, then it’s a real shame.

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