Brownells new exclusive: Apex Tactical M&P Flat Face trigger (VIDEO)

Apex Tactical has announced an exclusive arrangement with Brownells to sell the new Red Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger for M&P pistols. The trigger is designed to give shooters a trigger pull similar to one found on a light production 1911, a far cry from your average striker-fired trigger pull.

brownells exclusive flat face forward set trigger apex tactical maampp (2)

The highly-anticipated “Red Flatty” for M&Ps is a Brownells exclusive. The new trigger gives M&P pistols 1911-like triggers. (Photo: Apex/Brownells)

While the Red Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger maintains the standard passive M&P trigger safety both Apex and Brownells agree: this is not a carry trigger. This competition-specific trigger has a pull weight between 3 and 4 pounds and a short, fast reset designed for precision shooting and run-and-gunners.

Of course for M&P owners of guns with manual trigger safeties, things are a bit different, and this might be just the trigger for someone who wants all the strengths of a modern polymer service pistol, including high capacity, light weight and huge aftermarket support, with the time-tested controls of the 1911.

Apex Tactical has earned a solid following with their aftermarket triggers and are considered a “must have” by many M&P users, even as Smith & Wesson works to improve the quality of their factory guns’ triggers.

The new Red Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger is designed to drop into all centerfire M&P pistols, including the Shield, with the more recent large-size sear plunger and spring used in guns made since 2011. Brownells offers the Red Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger by itself or as a kit with the enhanced Apex Forward Set Sear.

The trigger by itself runs $79 and the full kit $174. And for SIG P320 fans, guess what: you’re next.

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