OKC officers help homeless mother, kids found sleeping in park (VIDEO)

11129210_10153233940544169_6228014712390626355_oWhen two Oklahoma City police officers recently responded to a call about a suspicous car in a park, they had no idea what they would find in the car — a family of five. The young mother and her four children were homeless, sleeping in the car in the park because they had no other place to go.

Officer Jeff Dutton said their main focus was just to get the family out of the park and to a safe place.

“We’re not all about writing tickets. We’re not about working wrecks. That’s part of our job, but the bigger part of our job is to make a difference,” Dutton said.

Dutton and Officer Davin Boyett did what they could to help the family. They filled the car with gas, bought toys for the kids and found a shelter where they could get a shower and have a safe place to sleep for the night.

“It’s the reason why anyone puts on the shirt. Anyone who puts on this uniform is for that opportunity to help,” Dutton said. “Hopefully it was just a little bit of a ray of hope, a little bit of point down the right road.”

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