Conn. resident snaps photo after witnessing officer's random act of kindness

7503768_G-620x348When a Bridgeport police officer saw a child in need while out on patrol over the weekend, he pulled over and helped to fix the kid’s broken bike. Unbeknown to the officer, a resident witnessed the act, snapped a photo and sent it out to local media.

The officer was identified as Cody Remy, and he didn’t think the act was that big of a deal. However, others disagree.

“Officer Remy’s act of helping out a child in need in our community is a great example. He doesn’t think he did anything extraordinary,” Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said in a statement. “But I disagree. The picture speaks for itself. And, I’ll leave it up to others in our community and beyond to decide for themselves.”

Finch added that a recent report indicated crime in the city is “trending at historic lows” as officers continue to do what he called “great work.”


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