Epic fail: He tried to carve '666' into his forehead but mirror made it backwards


A man convicted of murder for a 2013 Omaha killing spree apparently tried to pull a sort of Charles Manson-style trick and carve “666” into his forehead, but didn’t take into account that the image he was looking at in the mirror was backwards. So instead of having the mark of the beast, Nikko Jenkins ended up with what looked more like a weird upside down “999”.

Judges are currently debating whether Jenkins, who killed four people during the murderous spree, should face the death penalty. Jenkins and his defense team have tried to convince the courts that he is mentally ill and suffers from schizophrenia, but not everybody is buying it. Prosecutors said he creates the voices he claims to hear as an excuse for his behavior. About half of the psychiatrists who have evaluated him agree with the prosecution, while the other half believe he has a bonafide mental illness.

While experts dispute his mental state, one thing seems relatively clear: He should probably leave the artwork on his face to someone else… or perhaps avoid it altogether.


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