Officer snatches cell phone from cop watcher (VIDEO)

An incident is under investigation by federal officials after a video surfaced of an officer with the U.S. Marshals grabbing a cell phone from a cop watcher’s hand.

The events transpired Sunday in South Gate, California, while authorities were investigating a home which was reported to be the location of a “biker gang meeting.”

As officers are outside of the home, the woman can be seen standing nearby, filming the officers’ actions with her cell phone as she yells at them. Finally, one fed up officer walked towards her, then rushed her, slapping the cell phone out of her hand before kicking it across the ground. The exchange left the woman in shock, but was also captured by another individual who was filming from across the street.

Six people were reportedly arrested during the raid and the cell phone fiasco is under investigation.

[The Blaze]

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