Body cam footage captures suspect stabbing officer (VIDEO)

Recently released body cam footage from a deputy responding to a call in Randolph County, North Carolina, in December show some very real threats that law enforcement sometimes face.

Authorities received a call for a wellness check from a concerned family member, but when deputies arrived at the home, things quickly turned from bad to worse.

Within seconds of the man coming to the door, he pulls out a knife and attempts to stab one of the deputies, and the entire thing was captured on the deputy’s body cam. The only thing that stopped the knife was the deputy’s bullet proof vest.

“When you can show a jury or a judge exactly what happened at the scene and what the officer was faced with and why he chose whatever course of action he chose, a picture’s worth a thousand words,” said Sgt. Bernie Maness with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

Maness added that by viewing the footage, there’s no doubt that the man’s intent was to harm the officer.

But on the other hand, Sr. Patrol Deputy Jamie Brown, who wears a camera attached to his glasses, said that while the cameras serve to provide evidence when force is used, there’s another side to wearing body cams. Brown said residents sometimes think twice about their actions when they see the camera.

“If the general public knows they’re being recorded, you know maybe it can stop them assaulting me or cursing me out,” Brown said.


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