NSSF marks Cleveland off list of future summit locations over gun control

Citing the city’s recent stab at implementing illegal gun ordinances, the National Shooting Sports Foundation Wednesday announced they had ruled Cleveland out as a host location for a future summit.

Monday the city passed an expansive local ordinance that mandates gun owners report private gun sales as well as guns lost or stolen to local authorities and compels firearms offenders living within the Ohio city’s limits to register their place of residence and other personal information.

By Tuesday, a lawsuit had been filed by a state gun rights group who contend the ordinance is in violation of the state’s preemption law.

Then Wednesday came the news that NSSF, who had considered the city one of their top choices to host their annual Industry Summit in 2016 or 2017, had decided to spend their money elsewhere.

“In light of these developments, NSSF can no longer consider the City of Cleveland a candidate for hosting an event as important to our business as the Industry Summit,” advised a statement from Melissa Schilling, director of exhibitions and conferences for the trade group.

“Events such as the Summit require a significant investment of our and our members’ dollars and time for the betterment of our industry. NSSF cannot permit that investment to benefit a city whose current leaders will not in turn support our 2nd Amendment rights and the continued success of the firearms industry,” said Schilling.

Schilling notes that the foundation had been working with Cleveland due to the city’s revitalization efforts and wide array of hotels and accommodations.

The 2015 Industry Summit is set for June in Savannah, Georgia and is described by the group as the, “Premier forum exclusively for leaders of the shooting sports industry.”

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