STI introducing two IPSC competition 2011 pistols

sti dvc limited 2011 max slowik

STI has added two new 2011 pistols to their catalog for Limited and Open competition shooters. (Photo: STI)

Famed 1911 specialist STI is officially announcing two new high-end competition pistols designed for International Practical Shooting Confederation shooters, one tailored for Limited division and the other for Open. Based on their 2011 frame, the new DVC series pistols are double-stack 1911s that are competition-ready right out of the box.

They sport a completely re-vamped design a lightened slide with cutouts along the sides and on top. They have a two-part frame with a polymer grip section that has been broadly stippled and their trigger guard undercut all by hand. The DVC LTD has a full-length dust cover with lightning cutouts for improved balance while the DVC Open has a standard dust cover and a Trubor compensator.

The new pistols have a satin hard chrome finish on all the steel components except for the barrel, which has a hard, bright golden titanium nitride finish for ultimate wear and corrosion resistance and enhanced lubricity. The Open model has a titanium finish on the comp, too. Both are have custom-fit 5-inch bull barrels and full-length Dawson Precision guide rods. The DVC series also uses Dawson Precision sights with a fiber optic front sight and fully-adjustable target rear sight.

DVC Open_side right

The Open model has a compensator and comes with a mounted C-More red dot sight. (Photo: STI)

What really sets the new STI guns apart from their existing offerings is a new sear design that lets STI get the trigger pulls down to a very light 2 pounds on the DVC LTD and 2.5 pounds on the DVC Open. Designed to maximize scores, the LTD is offered in 9mm and .40 S&W where the Open is chambered for 9mm or .38 Super.

DVC pistols also have extended, ambidextrous thumb safeties. Both models ship with two extended 140mm magazines for a 20+1-round capacity in 9mm and .38 Super and 17+1 in .40 cal. STI offers a wide selection of magazines from 120mm to 170mm with capacities up to 26 rounds in 9mm/.38 and 22 in .40. The DVC Open also ships with a competition-proven 6-MOA C-More red dot sight and mount.

These hand-fit semi-custom pistols aren’t cheap, that’s for sure, but for their feature set it would be hard to beat their prices if you had to turn to a complete custom build. These out-of-the-box guns start looking pretty attractive when you compare them to all-custom work. The DVC LTD has an MSRP of $2,799 and the Open $3,699, including the mounted optic.

If you’re looking to take the next step up in terms of competition rigs, whether it’s for IPSC, USPSA or 3-Gun, these guns are specifically built to fit the bill. They’re a no-hassle option for shooters looking for the best without having to commission a 1911 from a custom shop.

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