Lone Wolf's got a new match-grade Glock locking block

lone wolf glock locking block

The new part promises improved accuracy. For $24, it’s worth a try. (Photo: Lone Wolf)

One of the great things about Glock pistols is that if you can think of it, someone makes an enhanced part for them. That has been true up to a point — some parts have always been strictly OEM.

Lone Wolf’s changing that with their new precision-machined match-grade locking block for Glock pistols. The part is machined to stricter tolerances than what even a proven service pistol like these use, ensuring a more predictable, repeatable lock-up.

The drop-in locking block is machined from billet 17-4 stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness rating of 44C, hard enough to last a lifetime of shooting and downright Glock abuse. Machining the part also maximizes the total amount of bearing surface possible with the barrel lug which aids in wear resistance in addition to the tight lock-up.

The Lone Wolf locking block runs just $24, making it at least a “must-try” upgrade for anyone building an accuratized Glock pistol, for tighter groups at the range or in competitions. The block is designed for 3-pin Glock frames, for compatibility info check out the product page. They’re also offering special pricing for their Facebook fans. For details head on over to their Facebook page.

One thing to keep in mind is that Lone Wolf isn’t the only company thinking about how to improve on the factory locking block. Strike Industries is also testing out a new design that includes two additional slide rails to help in the accuracy department, although the part is still in development.

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