Kroger customer draws gun on group assaulting elderly man (VIDEO)

When a 24-year-old man came out of a Kroger grocery store in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wednesday night and saw an elderly man surrounded and being assaulted by seven people, the passing shopper drew his handgun and told the group to back off.

“I saw seven people against one guy and I did not like those odds,” the man, who only wanted to be identified as Gene, told a local Fox affiliate.

“They kept yelling, ‘This isn’t your fight. You need to walk away, you need to put the gun down,’” Gene said.

And while Gene had his gun trained on the elderly man’s attackers, witnesses were calling 911. In fact, Gene said as he was standing there, he could hear a woman behind him, on the phone with the police, yelling, “There’s a man with a gun!”

Nonetheless, the attack stopped and no shots were fired, but before officers arrived, the assailants as well as the victim had all fled the scene. An investigation determined the man being attacked was the uncle of one of the men assaulting him.

Authorities did not release a motive for the attack, but did confirm that the man did not want to press charges.

Gene, who has a valid concealed carry permit, said he’s been carrying for a few years, but last week was the first time he ever felt the need to pull his weapon. He said if faced with the same situation again, he would do it all the same.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis with Little Rock Police Department said there can be a lot of danger when a gun is introduced into a situation, but there’s still certain circumstances in which doing so is perfectly legal.

“If you feel that pulling your weapon or using your weapon would stop an individual from taking your life or an individual’s life, then you have the right to do so,” Davis explained to reporters after the parking lot confrontation.

But Davis also said that introducing a weapon isn’t always the best solution either and that gun owners must be responsible and aware of the possible consequences of doing so. She added that sometimes, depending on the situation, just simply being a good witness is the better option.

Nathan House, a concealed carry instructor at Arkansas Armory, echoed Davis’ advice and indicated that those who choose to carry a gun must always keep safety in mind and think about the surrounding environment and where the shots could end up.

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