Teen ice cream clerk punches robber in the face (VIDEO)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for an armed robber to get punched in the face. And that’s exactly what happened when a 44-year-old man entered a Lynnwood, Washington, Baskin Robbins recently, intending to take some cash that wasn’t his.

The man, whose name has not been released, entered the ice cream shop wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, walked up to the counter and demanded the clerk, 19-year-old Rachael Bishop, to empty out the cash register. Bishop refused, but then the man thought he would just help himself, a move he would later regret.

He reached across the counter and into the register, grabbing $280, but not before he got punched in the face by the fearless teen.

The suspect fled from the shop, but Bishop was right on his tail.

Authorities eventually caught up with the suspect, who already had an outstanding felony warrant for forgery. He was arrested and now faces an additional robbery charge.

Bishop’s reason for standing up to the suspect was simple.

“I just really didn’t want him to take the money,” Bishop said. “I love Baskin Robbins and all my customers and I work really hard, we all do. So this is not cool for someone to just steal that and walk away with it.”

[Komo News]

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