Correction: Reporter assaulted during Baltimore looting (VIDEO)

A reporter for the Baltimore Sun was in the city Monday when protests turned to rioting, looting and violence.

Justin Fenton and several Baltimore residents took refuge in a store during the chaos. The residents told the reporter it wasn’t safe to venture out, but he did so anyway. While taking photos, Fenton was initially being protected by “a group of self-identifying Crips gang members,” but once he turned away to take more pictures, another person, who Fenton described as wearing a hoodie pulled tightly over his face, demanded he hand over his phone, before the reporter was hit with mace.

Likely sensing the potential seriousness of the situation, Fenton fled and returned to the nearby shop and the congregation of residents. A few doors down a shop owner armed with a shotgun protected his business.

The store owner “was protecting his business from inside, while I was a few doors down with these residents. No one touched the business as others were getting destroyed,” Fenton told

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Fenton sought refuge with the armed shop owner when, in fact, the reporter was several doors down.


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