Sneak peek at 'Call of Duty: Black Ops III' (VIDEO)

An official trailer for “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” was released this week and it looks as engaging as ever.

With a narrative set 50 years into the future, the crew is facing a new Cold War, which includes Drone warfare. The experimental unit is made up of soldiers outfitted with bionic limbs and otherwise futuristic blends of man and machine.

Campaign director and senior executive producer Jason Blundell said they essentially looked at real-life medical and technological developments and guessed where those may be 50 years down the road when developing the game.

“We take ideas from medical research and scientific advancements, from wearable computing, bio-augmentation and robotics,” Blundell explained. “We talk to specialists in certain fields and discuss their theories.”

Blundell cited one company which has developed robotic prototypes that run at 50mph.

In addition, the latest Call of Duty will also feature the first female lead.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops III” will be released November 6.

[The Guardian]

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