ENDO's latest: Can't even shirts, patches, and new buttons


New patches, shirts and pins over at ENDO Apparel. (Photo: ENDO)

Everday No Days Off has some great new swag for you to show your love with over at their online store, starting with their Arc’teryx-satirizing tee, Can’teven, for everyone who, you know, Can’teven. On top of that they’ve got some great sales going on with their older stock with some shirts selling for as much as 50 percent off.

Other new products include a line of pins including “Not legal in California,” “Runs Guns” and “John & Mikhail & Eugene & Gaston” celebrating four of the most iconic gun makers of all time. All the new shirts, pins and moral patches get free shipping.

Supplies are limited so if you want one of the half-off Deagle-brand Deagle shirts, “Defend Freedom” AR-15 shirts, Californian “No Right to Bear Arms” tees or any of the other on-sale shirts act fast. All orders over $30 get free shipping and orders over $40 get an additional 20 percent off.

Regularly-priced shirts including the new Can’teven tee run $30, half-off shirts $15, patches $5 and pins $7 or $14 for all three. If you consider yourself a true fan of Everyday No Days Off then show your pride with some of their awesome new ENDO Apparel.

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