Forget fires, this guy's gonna dance to Michael Jackson amidst riots in Baltimore (VIDEO)

As riots were heating up across Baltimore, one man set a different kind of fire on the streets. With a barrage of Michael Jackson tunes blaring between blazes, Dimitri Reeves, a professional street dancer who uses his profits to pay for his parents’ dialysis treatment, could be seen at various locations dancing like it’s nobody’s business.

His impressive dance moves created crowds among the chaos, with all eyes focused on him, if even for a moment. And although Reeves’ moves made onlookers laugh and smile, he said it wasn’t his primary focus to be funny.

“That wasn’t my mindset at all,” Reeves said. “I just wanted to take people’s minds off of what was going on in that area. We were right in the middle of it. On one side there was a fire. On the other side was a police force with riot shields and everything.”

He said his message is simple: “Think before you react… just think.”


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