Arnold Schwarzenegger and fan make world's cheesiest trailer… and it's hilarious (VIDEO)

Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger held a contest, the lucky winner of which was flown to LA to crush things with Arnold’s tank while filming a trailer, “Tanks for Nothing.” Although the clip was entertaining and funny, it was also used to help raise $1 million for the winner’s charity of choice.

Arnold’s co-star, Alex, raised the funds for After-School All-Stars, an after school program aimed at helping underprivileged kids succeed in school and life and ultimately give back to their communities.

Because Arnold loves sequels, he’s doing the contest again this year, but with a little twist.

“Last year, we crushed things in a tank,” Arnold said. “This year, we’re gonna do even better. We’re gonna blow (bleep) up.”

[Arnold Schwarzenegger]

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