American Built Arms' new AR rescue Essentials Kit

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The parts kit’s on the left, buddy. (Photo: A*B)

American Built Arms has just put together a tidy small parts kit for AR-15 owners everywhere that could prove to be a real lifesaver, the A*B Essentials Kit. This collection of parts is everything you need to refurbish a tired bolt carrier group or repair one that’s in a bind.

“The AR Essentials Kit? is something every AR owner should have in his tool kit,” said A*B Arms president Jason Combs in a press release. “Our A*B Arms Essentials Kit supplies you with everything you need to keep your gun in top running shape.”

The A*B Essentials kit includes replacement parts for everything that either has a tendency to wear, break or walk away from a bolt carrier group over a long enough time span including a chrome-lined firing pin, a nickle-boron-finished cam pin, a set of gas rings and full compliment of replacement extractor and ejector parts, all MIL-SPEC or better.

ab arms mission critical kit

If you like to keep even more spares on-hand, check out the A*B Mission Critical Kit. (Photo: ABA)

Priced at $49, the kit is a no-hassle way to secure an ounce of prevention. If you’re looking for a pound of cure you might want to check out the A*B Mission Critical Kit, or MCK, has all of the above and an extra set of gas rings, a complete nickel-boron bolt assembly, some gear bands, a bottle of Breakthrough CLP, alcohol swabs and bandages and more, in a compact ballistic nylon zipper bag with extra pockets for anything else  you might want to add. The MCK runs $149.

If you’re an AR shooter, whether you’re just a plinker at the range, a competition shooter or a black rifle hunter, small parts kits like these are a must-have for your range bag or cleaning kit. Whether you go with pre-assembled kits like these or put them together on your own, American Built Arms is right, they really are essentials kits.

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