Fortis REV II handguard gets M-Lok, Revolvr exclusive

fortis rev ii m-lok

The new 14-inch rail is right at home on carbines with 14.5-inch and longer barrels. (Photo: Crossfire)

Fortis Manufacturing is an up-and-coming AR accessory company with a dead-sexy portfolio of streamlined, minimalist handguards and upscale rifle components. Their original flagship handguard, the REV, has seen a handful of updates and variations and the new model has them all.

The REV II M-Lok handguard for AR-15s combines the updated contour of the REV II with the long, smooth M-Lok cutouts on the side and bottom rails of the cross-shaped handguard for a slender grip that can be quickly accessorized for any job.

The original REV handguards use Vltor’s KeyMod system, so this gives users even more options. Another change with the REV II models is that they only have one full-length Picatinny rail, at the 12-o’clock position, instead of two at 12- and 6-o’clock. This makes them more comfortable to hold and a bit lighter, too.

The first model REV II M-Lok is a 14-inch handguard designed for use with rifles and carbines using low-profile gas blocks and it has an inside diameter of 1.34 inches for suppressed short-barreled rifle. In addition to the M-Lok cutouts the handguard is liberally skeletonized bringing the total weight of the rail down to just 9.3 ounces. The handguard mounts directly to standard AR-15 barrel nuts so there’s no extra weight or proprietary mounts to worry about.

Fortis is partnering with Revolvr, the online firearms marketplace, to launch the new REV II M-Lok rail at a low introductory rate of $179. These prices won’t last long; the standard 14-inch REV II rails have an MSRP of $229. If you like this deal and want to see more as they roll in, check out the Revolver App Facebook page.

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