Houston gets a double dose of defensive gun use in under a day (VIDEO)

Two different would-be victims who were targeted for separate robberies this week in Houston fought back against their assailants, leaving two suspects dead.

While sitting in his car in a parking lot Wednesday around 9:45 p.m., a man was approached by two men who asked for a ride. The driver said no, and the men walked away. However, moments later the two men returned and one brandished a gun, a local ABC affiliate reported.

The two men made the driver get out of his car and walked him to the back of the vehicle where they forced him to his knees. The armed suspect then got into the driver’s seat and the second suspect sat in the passenger’s seat.

But the victim, who has a valid concealed carry permit, had a gun of his own, which was tucked away in his waistband. The victim then opened fire on the suspects, striking the one with the gun. Both suspects fled the scene, but the injured suspect, who was later identified as 30-year-old James Jones, collapsed a short distance away.

Jones was pronounced dead at the scene, and the victim was unharmed. The second suspect is still at large.

Less than 12 hours after the attempted carjacking, the manager of a check cashing business became the target for an armed robbery.

According to reports from local media, the man was entering the store at about 8:30 a.m. when the suspect approached him, put a gun to his head and demanded cash. The manager was carrying a bag in his hands, but what the suspect didn’t know was that under the bag, the man was also carrying a gun.

As the manager turned towards the door, he opened fire, striking the suspect multiple times in the chest. Witnesses said as gunfire erupted, a black sedan was seen speeding away, which leads authorities to believe at least one other person was involved.

The injured suspect was transported to the hospital, where he later died. The victim was not hurt.

Authorities believe the suspect likely thought the bag the manager was carrying contained cash, but it was just toiletries and medication.

Luis Ruiz, who owns the business, said the manager is upset over the incident, but Ruiz said he believes the man was justified in his actions. Ruiz also indicated that all of the surrounding business owners are armed.

“Unfortunately that’s the way it is,” Ruiz said.

Adam Cano, who lives next door, said criminals end up one of three ways: Shot, buried or in jail.

“You pick your choice,” he said.

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