WWII memorial to be restored thanks to $5 million gift


After more than 60 years, the US. Marine Corps War Memorial, which portrays the famous Raising the Flag image of American soldiers at Iwo Jima, has started to age, with the bronze beginning to turn green.

The memorial, which overlooks Washington, is in need of restoration, and thanks to a $5.37 million donation from David Rubenstein, the memorial, as well as the surrounding area, will receive some much needed TLC. The money will be used to wash, wax and fully restore the memorial back to its original luster, as well as make improvements in landscaping to the surrounding areas. Improved signs are also planned and better handicapped access.

Rubenstein has a history of what he calls “patriotic giving,” which accounts for about $200 million of the estimated $300 million he’s donated over the years.


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