95-year-old WWII vet with a cane fights off robber (VIDEO)

When a would-be robber approached a 95-year-old man outside of a Manchester, New Hampshire, Walgreen’s, Saturday morning, he likely didn’t think the man would put up much of a fight when he tried to take his wallet. The would-be robber was wrong.

Arthur Kemberis had gone to pick up a prescription for his wife when the suspect followed him into the pharmacy. He thinks the man saw the money he pulled out of his wallet when paying for the medication.

The suspect followed Kemberis outside and tried to take his wallet. The World War II veteran said he’s too old to fight, but that didn’t mean he was ready to give up his money either. So he used his cane to fight off his attacker.

“He saw me coming up to strike him on the shoulders. I hit him three or four times,” said Kemberis. “He wasn’t very aggressive, but I was.”

Soon after, a passerby noticed the altercation with the elderly man and stopped to help. At that point, the suspect ran off.

Kemberis was uninjured during the ordeal and he said he hopes the man will get his life together.

[CBS Boston]

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