Detroit homeowner kills intruder during gunfight on Liberal Street (VIDEO)

An attempted home invasion in Detroit early Monday morning resulted in an exchange of gunfire, which left one suspect dead and a homeowner injured but expected to recover.

The incident occurred just after midnight and started when the homeowner’s girlfriend was approached outside by an armed suspect. The suspect forced the 30-year-old woman into the home at gunpoint, but the homeowner, who was also armed, was not going to let his girlfriend – or anyone else in the home – become a victim.

Although it’s unclear who fired first, an exchange of gunfire erupted between the homeowner and the suspect. Bullet holes pointed out by local media indicate shots were fired from both inside and outside of the home and neighbors told reporters they heard eight shots.

The suspect, as well as the homeowner, was struck by gunfire. The suspect, whose name has not been released, was found inside the home and pronounced dead at the scene. The homeowner, who was shot twice in the chest, was transported to the hospital. Although he was initially listed in critical condition, reports now say he is expected to survive.

At least two other suspects were involved in the incident, but they fled from the scene after shots were fired. There are differing reports on whether the other men actually entered the home too, but authorities were unable to provide a detailed description of the other suspects.

The family of the homeowner, who is only being described as a 46-year-old male, did not wish to appear on camera, but in a brief exchange told reporters they believe the man will be okay.

A neighbor told reporters there are four children who live in the home, but other than the homeowner and the suspect, no one else was injured.

Neighborhood residents said the homeowner is a good neighbor, friendly and outgoing, the type of neighbor who makes everyone want to clean up the neighborhood, which is currently riddled with abandoned and burned out houses.

“They make me want to cook outside again. They make me want to put up a Christmas tree and some lights,” neighbor Donna McCoy, who lost her son to a violent crime a year-and-a-half ago, told reporters.

“I’ve got to learn to trust people again,” she said, but, “If (my neighbors) leave, I’m leaving, because no one else cares.”

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