Flash sale on Tennessee Arms Co. stripped hybrid receivers

tenn arms co complete rifle

A complete rifle built on a TAC hybrid lower with a Magpul stock, Tango Down grip, Diamonhead rail and sights and Lucid red dot sight. (Photo: TAC)

The Tennessee Arms Company, TAC, is having a flash sale on its stripped hybrid AR-15 lower receivers. TAC’s unique lowers have brass-reinforced buffer towers and pistol grip combining the advantages of polymer and metal receivers.

The sale runs through midnight Friday, May 8. Customers using the “FB2015” coupon code can get as many TAC lowers in any standard colors they want for just $30 each. TAC lowers are offered in black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, foliage green, stealth grey and pink, and are color-matched to use with Magpul polymer accessories.

The company is testing the new price and if sales are strong enough, $30.99 might become the permanent new price. TAC can roll out as many as 1,200 lowers a day – enough that it could outfit the entire country with TAC rifles in one year.

Tennessee Arms' colors. (Photo credit: TN Arms Co.)

Tennessee Arms’ solid colors. (Photo credit: TN Arms Co.)

TAC hybrid lowers have made plenty of people converts to the polymer and metal design. Its lowers are free from the flaws of early polymer lowers with navy brass inserts with threads for buffer tube assemblies and pistol grips. These inserts will not strip like bare polymer and even have a higher shear strength than most alloys used for aluminum lowers.

The rest of its lowers are composed of a rigid glass-reinforced nylon polymer. They have a higher degree of fit and finish than many other polymer lowers and don’t have flashing, burrs or rough trimming marks. They’re cleanly-molded and built to a higher standard.

The resulting product is a very light lower that can really take a beating. The polymer will flex and bounce back where alloys will crack and the metal inserts not only provide reinforcement where stress is highest they won’t cross-thread or shear no matter now many different grips or buffer tubes you install. On top of that, the color goes all the way through so the finish is pretty much scratchproof.

For $30 your FFL transfer fee might cost more than these lowers do. Whether you’re building an AR-15 on a budget or want to see what the fuss is about when it comes to hybrid receivers now’s the time to buy. To order yours pay a visit to the Tennessee Arms Company now. Don’t wait too long, the sale ends soon.

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