Female soldier finishes 12-mile ruck march to earn Expert Field Medical Badge (VIDEO)

U.S Army Capt. Sarah Cudd is definitely not a quitter. Not even close.

In fact, Cudd’s strength and determination can easily been seen as she struggled to finish a 12-mile ruck march to earn an Expert Field Medical Badge. It’s certainly no easy feat, not by a long shot, with only about a 17 percent success rate. Nonetheless, Capt. Cudd kept on, despite collapsing repeatedly just yards from the finish line.

The course, which is said to be one of the Army’s most difficult, must be completed in three hours, and Cudd, who is an Army veterinarian, completed the course with just just over 13 minutes to spare as her fellow servicemen cheered her on. She was one of 46 who finished the course at Fort Dix, New Jersey, that day.

A video of her crossing the finish line was posted on Facebook last week by Capt. Lloyd Mason and has since received over 1 million views. Within the caption, Mason said, “This EFMB candidate wanted it, and she got it.”

Yes, she did.

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