Post office's 'unfortunate mishap' with American flag leaves one man very angry (VIDEO)

When Rick Yarber noticed the way the American flag was being flown outside of a Dallas post office Wednesday morning he became angry.

“Oh, it made me mad,” Yarber said. “I was angry about it.”

After snapping several pictures of the flag, which was being flown upside down, Yarber went to complain to the manager. Yarber was appalled that a government agency, of all places, would fly the flag in such a manner, but the manager assured him that it was purely an accident.

The flag was taken down and put back up in the correct manner, and shortly thereafter the U.S. Postal Service released a statement about the incident.

“There was no intent by the postal service to disrespect the American flag, as it was hoisted upside down today, at the Dallas Beverly Hills Station. After local management was informed, it was immediately corrected. To all of our customers, we apologize for this unfortunate mishap.”

Yarber said he went to local media with the story because he wanted to ensure that it would never happen again.


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