Missouri sheriff to clear thousands of CCP applications (VIDEO)

In an attempt to catch up on some 21,000 backlogged concealed carry permit applications, Jackson County, Missouri, will hire some much needed help.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office apparently started to fall behind on the applications about three years ago when the permits from 2005 came up for renewal, but recent changes to concealed carry laws caused an influx of new applications, adding to the already large workload.

Sgt. Ronda Montgomery, a spokesperson with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, explained to KSHB that while some jurisdictions are able to work on processing the applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week from jail facilities, no such facilities are located in Jackson County. Montgomery said they have steadily added extra hours and additional staff to process the ever-growing amount of paperwork, but current efforts simply aren’t getting to the thousands of new and backlogged applications.

Currently, the JCSO recommends those applying for a concealed carry permit to make an appointment to avoid long wait times, but appointments presently need to be made 90 days in advance. The long wait time is, in turn, causing some frustration among those seeking a concealed carry permit.

Nonetheless, Don Pind, a firearms instructor at Show Me Shooters, tells those applying for a permit not to get into a hurry. From getting the initial appointment, to fingerprints and a background check, Pind said it will take some time.

“The process will still be same as it has been but we’re hoping by adding some additional hours and manpower we’re able to process those a little bit quicker and the wait time won’t be as long,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery asks that those applying for a permit simply be patient with the Sheriff’s Department and know that they are doing the best they can to get all of the applications processed.

Meanwhile, this week neighboring Kansas received its 100,000th concealed carry permit application since 2006, with a just under 89,400 permits being issued.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt explained that while the state recently did away with the concealed carry permit requirement, which will go into affect in July, they continue to receive applications anyway.

“There will still be advantages and protections to acquiring a license,” Schmidt said. “For example, the Kansas concealed carry license is currently recognized by 36 other states. Kansans will need the license to carry a concealed handgun in all but a few of those 36 states.”

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