Video released of man who fired in self defense at Fort Meyers Waffle House (VIDEO)

Surveillance video from a Fort Meyers, Florida, Waffle House which shows an altercation that ended in gunfire was released earlier this month, and authorities confirmed that the man who fired the fatal shots will not be charged.

The January incident started when a shirtless Dakota Field, who is white, entered the establishment to join some friends and began yelling racial slurs at Jehrardd Williams and his friend, who are black. Witnesses said the group was acting drunk, loud and unruly.

In an effort to avoid a confrontation, Williams and his friend attempted to pay their waitress and leave, but before the two men could leave, two friends of Field, who had walked outside, approached them and offered a handshake. While his friend extended his hand, Williams refused, keeping his hands clearly crossed in front of him and firmly shaking his head no.

At that point, the man took a swing at Williams, who subsequently backed away and displayed a previously concealed handgun. The man backed away, but moments later, Field burst through the door and charged at Williams. At that point, Williams opened fire, striking Field three times.

Field and his friends fled from the scene, but crashed into another car nearby. Field was pronounced dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, Williams, who was obviously distraught over what had just occurred, set his gun down on the counter and called 911.

Authorities determined that Williams, who had a concealed carry permit, acted in self-defense.

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